Land Art & Sculpture by David Allen

Public Installations: 

This is where the heart and soul of my work resides. As much as I enjoy time alone creating in Nature, nothing beats the feeling of being able to provide Artwork to the masses that inspires peace, happiness and understanding. My typical, non-Art, life encounters and interactions with the public are fairly typical and uneventful. Throw some Art into the mix though, and it becomes a whole new ball game. I often find myself involved in deep and intellectually stimulating conversations with people whom I have just met. Conversations range from Life, Love, Death, Art, Happiness, Nature and beyond. Talk rarely revolves around Politics or any of the other unfortunately negative things that we are all dealing with in the current state of the Earth and its people. If any topics like this do arise, it is usually in respect to how Art like this can have a positive effect on the world, if only more people were exposed to it. It didn't take too many conversations like these for me to realize that creating Art in this manner could have a powerful and meaningful influence on the world. 

     These types of public installations will continue to be a large part of my work in the future. I have several larger scale projects that are currently in the works. You can see the details on the Current Projects page